Emery Royall manages the business office, ordering and shipping.

Working at the shop.


We still do business the old-fashioned way – on the phone! Please call us at 207-633-6091 (office) or 207-350-5345 (mobile) to place an order. We need to talk with you in order to get the proper information for the shipping quote and to insure a smooth delivery to your home or job site. We will fax you an invoice with the full price, including the shipping and handling, and will send off your millstone upon receipt of your payment. We do not take credit card orders, but are happy to accept your personal check.


Shipping is not prohibitive! We have shipped our millstones all over the country, from Maine to California and everywhere in between. Shipping costs are established by weight, distance and delivery specifics. We will send you a shipping quote with your invoice which is valid for 20 days. We build a custom crate on a pallet for each millstone and ship by motor freight to your residence or commercial address.